Back in March we blogged about our work on a threshold validator for Tendermint. Since then, we’ve continued to run our threshold validator under the Cybernetic Destiny moniker on Cosmos. The validator has shown resilience to single machine failure, node failure, and flexibility for upgrading individual components while maintaining uptime.

We believe such technologies benefit the entire validator community by providing secure and robust validator software. We also know that security and cryptography work ages best when performed out in the open with many eyeballs and reviewers; therefore, we are pleased to make the threshold validator source code available under a permissive open source license.

We’re cognizant of the myriad of risks associated with any cryptographic implementation. While this is a new implementation of a multiparty algorithm, the underlying algorithm is over 19 years old, and along with research in that period we recently completed a separate independent cryptographic audit on our implementation.

The threshold validator code is now available under our tendermint validator repo on GitLab. We encourage other staking operations and researchers to review, test, and provide feedback of any type!